This marks the first time Interior Design is devoting a special section to the work of up-and-comers. We highlight the work of international, interdisciplinary studios—40 of them, in fact—by designers around that same age (plus or minus a few years). The point was not so much to give ourselves a tidy cutoff as to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit inherent to the profession—a go-for-it attitude reflected in their work.
Han Wenqiang, 39
Firm: Archstudio
Location: Beijing, China

Han Wenqiang is the founder of Archstudio, established in Beijing in 2010.

Theresia Svanholm, 37; Monika Holmqvist, 38
Firm: Coco Form Studio
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Conceptual interior and event design, using loads of creativity.

Nic Lee, 45
Location: Shanghai, China

Nic Lee is the design director of Waterfrom Design, founded in 2008.

Anna Porebska, 36; Adam Zwierzynski, 36
Location: Katowice, Poland

Anna Porebska and Adam Zwierzynski are the founders of Polish firm MUS ARCHITECTS.

Vera Odyn, 33; Olga Treivas, 34
Firm: Form Bureau
Location: Moscow, Russia

Vera Odyn and Olga Treivas are the founders of Moscow-based architecture and interior design firm Form Bureau.

Denisa Strmiskova, 32
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Denisa Strmiskova founded her eponymous Prague design studio in 2015.

Noa Haim, 42
Firm: Collective Paper Aesthetics
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Netherlands

Noa Haim is the creative director of Collective Paper Aesthetics, a Rotterdam-based design initiative.

Alex Gilliam, 43
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Alex Gilliam founded Public Workshop, a Philadelphia organization redefining how communities participate in design.

J. Byron-H, 30
Firm: J. Byron-H
Location: Los Angeles, CA

J. Byron-H is an architect-designer based in Los Angeles.

Sarah Carpenter, 35; Chris Horger, 36
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Carpenter and Chris Horger are the husband-wife team behind Brooklyn-based interior design firm Carpenter & Mason.

Gregory Melitonov, 36; Ines Guzman, 34
Firm: Taller Ken
Location: New York, NY

Taller Ken, founded in 2013 by Gregory Melitonov and Ines Guzman, is a New York and Guatemala based architecture practice focused on playful design with social and cultural relevancy.

Stefan Rier, 38; Lukas Rungger, 40
Firm: NOA
Location: Bolzano, Italy

Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger founded NOA–Network of Architecture in Bolzano, Italy.

Nelson Chow, 40
Firm: NC Design & Architecture
Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Nelson Chow is the founder of NC Design & Architecture (NCDA), a Hong Kong–based architectural design firm.

Christina Luk, 41
Location: Shanghai, China

Christina Luk founded Shanghai-based architecture and interiors firm LUKSTUDIO.

Corvin Matei, 45
Location: New York, NY

Corvin Matei established his namesake NYC-based architecture firm in 2007.

Anna Loskiewicz-Zakrewska, 37; Zofia Strumillo-Sukiennik, 37
Firm: Beza Projekt
Location: Warsaw, Poland

Anna Loskiewicz-Zakrewska and Zofia Strumillo-Sukiennik founded Beza Projekt, a design studio based in Warsaw.

Stelios Kois, 39
Firm: Kois Associates Architects
Location: Athens, Greece

Stelios Kois is the founder of Athens-based Kois Associates Architects.

Sarah Kuchar, 35
Firm: Sarah Kuchar Studio
Location: Chicago, IL

Sarah Kuchar is the founder of Chicago-based design firm Sarah Kuchar Studio.

Margaret Sullivan, 45
Firm: Margaret Sullivan Studio
Location: New York, NY

Margaret Sullivan is the designer behind Margaret Sullivan Studio in New York.

Lauren Geremia, 35
Firm: Geremia Design
Location: San Francisco, CA

Lauren Geremia is the founder and principal designer of Geremia Design.

Till Robin Kurz, 44
Location: Cologne, Germany

Till Robin Kurz is a designer and architect based in Germany.

Keigo Julian Fukugaki, 32
Firm: BnA
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Keigo Julian Fukugaki is a designer and architect from Los Angeles.

Dan Brunn, 39
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Dan Brunn founded his namesake Los Angeles–based design firm in 2005.

Sally Breer, 29; Jake Harrison, 36
Firm: ETC.etera
Location: Los Angeles, CA

ETCETERA (etc for short) is the design union of Sally Breer (co-mingle) and Jake Rodehuth-Harrison (studioJAKE).

Jason St. John, 45; Barbara Rourke, 39
Firm: Bells + Whistles
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bells + Whistles is a Los Angeles–based design studio founded by Jason St. John and Barbara Rourke.

Dieter Cartwright, 39; Larah Moravek, 40; William Oberlin, 43
Firm: Dutch East Design + Warren Red
Location: New York, NY

Dutch East Design + Warren Red is a New York–based design firm that specializes in hospitality interiors and branding. 

Edoardo Tresoldi, 29
Location: Milan, Italy

Edoardo Tresoldi is an Italian set designer, sculptor, and artist, known internationally for his monumental sculptures made of wire mesh.

Dan Mazzarini, 37
Firm: BHDM
Location: New York, NY

Dan Mazzarini is a partner at Manhattan-based design studio BHDM.

Alexander Fehre, 35
Firm: Studio Alexander Fehre
Location: Stuttgart, Germany, Germany

Alexander Fehre is a founding member and managing director of Studio Alexander Fehre in Germany.

Javier Robles, 45
Firm: Utopus
Location: New York, NY

Javier Robles founded Utopus, an architecture and interior practice based in London, New York, and Peru.

Thomas Dariel, 35
Firm: Dariel Studio
Location: Shanghai, China

Thomas Dariel is the founder and creative mind behind Dariel Studio in Shanghai.

Nina Etnier, 32; Brad Sherman, 32
Firm: Float Studio
Location: New York, NY

Nina Etnier and Brad Sherman founded NYC-based commercial interiors firm Float Studio.

Lambert Rainville, 31; Nicolas Sangaré, 31
Location: Montreal, Canada

Lambert Rainville and Nicholas Sangaré founded their eponymous Montreal-based office in 2015. 

Ramdane Touhami, 43; Victoire de Taillac-Touhami, 42
Firm: Ramdane
Location: Morocco, Morocco

Ramdane and Victoire Touhami founded Morocco-based firm Ramdane.

David Freeland, 40; Brennan Buck, 42
Location: Los Angeles, CA

David Freeland and Brennan Buck founded their namesake Los Angeles–based architecture firm in 2010.

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, 35; Christophe Penasse, 34
Firm: Masquespacio
Location: Valencia, Spain

Founders of Masquespacio.

He Xiao-Ping, 35; Li Xing-Lin, 34
Firm: C.DD
Location: Foshan Municipality,, China

He Xiao-Ping and Li Xing-Lin co-founded C.DD, based in Guangdong, China.

Stamos Hondrodimos, 32
Firm: Interior Design Laboratorium
Location: Athens, Greece

Stamos Hondrodimos established Athens-based firm Interior Design Laboratorium in 2009.