Luc Bouliane

Institutional, Office, Residential
Toronto, Canada

Luc is a Professional Architect, licensed and insured to practice in the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. Luc leads the design direction of the office and works very closely and successfully with industry-leading consultants to ensure that the shared vision of client and architect are met through innovative thinking, positive collaboration, effective coordination of consultants, and contract administration with client and builder. Lebel & Bouliane was founded after 10 years as a design and Project Architect at Teeple Architects in Toronto where Luc designed and coordinated dozens of projects varying in size and scope: from British Columbia to Northern and Southern Ontario. Luc has gleaned a tremendous amount of experience working with medium-to-large scale renovations and new-builds for leading Canadian institutions, from Langara College in British Columbia to the Perimeter Institute in Ontario.