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More than a collection of audio and video components, a media center is the entertainment hub of a home. With countless options, how do you choose furniture that is best for both your style and your electronics? Whether you are looking to house a TV and soundbar or a multi-channel system, make sure the furniture you select meets your needs. Here are some helpful tips from furniture manufacturer BDI.

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The size of your TV and the number of components that make up your home theater will play a large part when considering your needs. While there are exceptions, TVs generally look best when resting on furniture that is at least as wide as the TV. If you choose a stand that is too wide, your screen may appear small in comparison.

Consider the components you are looking to house including a speaker, soundbar, subwoofer or media storage. Allow for open spaces as well, providing room to grow. Smaller components can be stacked to save space, but avoid stacking components that generate a lot of heat, such as a receiver or gaming console.

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Design matters. But design is much more than just a pretty face. Furniture for your home theater should look great when the system is off, but more importantly should allow your system to function flawlessly when it is on.

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Consider where your furniture will be placed. Is the location that you have in mind along a wall or in a corner? Corner media cabinets or cabinets that swivel make smart use of smaller spaces. Will you be watching TV while sitting on a sofa, at your desk or in the bedroom? The center of your screen should be at eye level to minimize neck strain.

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Media furniture does more than simply house your electronics. Choose furniture that is sturdy, well made, full-featured and engineered to last. Quality furniture will offer you a lifetime of enjoyment. Look for features such as Adjustability, cable management, media storage, strength and ventilation to ensure that your system performs at peak levels while also looking great.

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