Luminaries of Yesterday and Today Meet at Skyline Design

Small Squares by Alexander Girard for Skyline Design.

Luminaries of yesterday and today meet at Skyline Design , manufacturer of digitally printed glass panels. Representing the past is Alexander Girard , whose namesake collection expands with Small Squares, originally conceived for fabric. The present is the realm of Interior Design Hall of Fame member Patricia Urquiola and photographer Bonnie Edelman . Urquiola based her Overlay and Check, both layered stripes, and her Cipher, a deconstructed grid, on studies that involved shuffling sheets of patterned translucent acetate. Edelman translated her skill at manipulating shutter speeds into Scapes, a nature-themed group including Forgotten Flowers.

Alexander Girard Patricia Urquiola Bonnie Edelman Neocon 0815 From left: Alexander Girard, Patricia Urquiola (photo by Alessandro Paderni/Eye), and Bonnie Edelman.

Overlay, Check, and Cipher by Patricia Urquiola for Skyline Design.

Forgotten Flowers by Bonnie Edelman for Skyline Design.