19 Big Ideas: We're Not Just Talking Scale. Innovation Leads the Charge

So, scale is one thing. When you’re talking Big Ideas, though, what really leads the charge is innovation. We focused more than usual, in our massive March issue , on inventive engines—the processes or flash points, so to speak. The concept goes back to one tiny Big Idea from Nendo . After all, design is like a box of chocolates—you want an assortment. Dig in!

C:\fakepath\sofia House Brani Desi


C:\fakepath\stack Apartment

1. The Art of Living:
Twin Designers at Brani & Desi Remake Chemists' House

2. State of the Art: Dornbracht ’s Artsy Side Comes Out at the New Museum

3. Building Blocks: Gluck+ Completes a Prefab Residential Project in Manhattan

C:\fakepath\sumiyoshido Kampo Lounge C:\fakepath\swell Water Bottles

lady Cilento Childrens Hospital Conrad Gargett 0315.jpg.1064x0 Q91 Crop Sharpen

4. Minty Sensation: Id Designs An Apothecary and Spa in Handa, Japan

5. Hydration Station: S’well Water Bottles Stay Cold for 24 Hours

6. Nature is the Best Medicine: Green Roof at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

C:\fakepath\project Egg C:\fakepath\chocolatexture

7. A Vessel for Meanings:
The Culture Creative Launches Incubator for
Experimental Objects

8. A World of Possibility: Michiel van der Kley's Project Egg Debuted at
Dutch Design Week

9. If Willy Wonka Were an Architect: Chocolatexture
by Nendo

C:\fakepath\topo Dialogue Hongtao Zhou
C:\fakepath\artworks Joslyn Art Museum Hdr

10. Dizzy With Excitement: A2Arquitectos' Supersize Kaleidoscope at
Hotel Castell dels Hams

11. Jumping Off the Page: What If Words Took On the Shape of What They're Describing?

12. Playground, Underground:
HDR Converts Storage Into An Unusual Playground

C:\fakepath\microgarden Infarm
C:\fakepath\supermachine Studio
C:\fakepath\hunderd Hooper Complex Pfau Long

13. Inspiration Sprouts: Infarm's Microgarden Grows Fresh Produce Inside
Your Apartment

14. Activity Theory: An M.C. Escher-Inspired Playground by Supermachine Studio

15. Working Together: Zoning Initiative Paves the Way for Smaller San Francisco Makers

C:\fakepath\michael Roopenian Design
C:\fakepath\seed Classroom Skanksa

16. Get Smart About Learning: Davis Brody Bond Turns an Operating Theater into a School for Gifted Kids

17. Touch Typing: Michael Roopenian Design Launches Wooden Keyboard

18. Sow the Seed: SEEDClassrooms Are
Mobile Units for
Teaching Sustainability

C:\fakepath\elliot Associates

19. Truly Gifted: Rand Elliott Shows Appreciation With Staff Art Work

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