Photo Finish: A Mercedez-Benz Tribute By Gerry Judah

A tower that James Wyatt added to Goodwood House, circa 1800. Photo by David Barbour.

You might not think that the Goodwood Festival of Speed , the annual motocross celebration in Chichester, U.K., would have a sculptor-in-residence. Think again. Gerry Judah has dangled Ferraris and Alfa Romeos from triumphal arches for supersize installations on the grounds of Goodwood House , home to the Dukes of Richmond and Lennox. This year, he made the house part of the sculpture.

Swooping 85 feet over the roof was a painted steel structure that had been prefabricated in pieces, trucked to the site, and welded together. Then, celebrating the 120th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz , Judah attached a replica of the 1934 W25 Silver Arrow and the actual chassis of the 2013 F1 W04—a span of history on a literal span. After the festival, everything was dismantled and recycled.

That’s a lot of labor for a three-day payback, he admits. But he adds, in the spirit of motocross, “A bit of madness and danger can be fun.”

text A Mercedez-Benz tribute to Gerry Judah accompanied the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Chichester, U.K. Photo by David Barbour.

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