2013 Rising Giants 101-200: Growth


New to the Rising Giants
2013 Rank
104 HFS Concepts 4
105 ADD
112 Fox Architects
137 Aria Group Architects
149 Heery International
150 Epstein
154 Nichols Booth Architects
168 DesignOne Studio
169 Parker Torres Design
171 RPW Design
173 S.K.I.N. Design Studio
174 Rees Roberts + Partners
184 Idea|span
192 Philips Architecture
193 Jova Daniel Busby
194 Gray Design Group
195 Core

The Rising Giants added 531 design staffers last year (an average of more than five per firm) to handle increased workloads, bringing total staff to 2,444. Firms anticipate hiring another 277 designers this year. In fact, 54 percent of firms were concerned with hiring qualified employees, up from 43 percent last year. conversely, work is plentiful enough that only 46 percent of firms worry about finding new clients, down from 58 percent last year.


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