Archival Fixtures Return to the Spotlight

Take another look at archival fixtures by design greats.

Projecteur 365 by Le Corbusier.

From storied Italian maker Nemo’s Masters collection comes Projecteur 365, a floor lamp by none other than Le Corbusier. Working from sketches, drawings, and prototypes of the fixture—first created in 1954 for India’s Chandigarh High Court—the manufacturer collaborated closely with the Le Corbusier Foundation to produce an industrial-look lamp 
with a painted-aluminum body (available in night blue, white sand, and moka). A curved glass diffuser with sandblasted interior held in place by 
chromed screws creates a mesmerizing pool of illumination. The collection also includes indoor and outdoor versions of a wall or ceiling fixture and a pendant.

Projecteur 365 by Le Corbusier.

PH Septima by Poul Henningsen.

Danish architect, author, and designer Poul Henningsen may have passed away in 1967, but his Modernist creations live on through Louis Poulsen. A stellar example: His PH Septima lamp still stuns with 
its seven shades of alternating clear and sandblasted borosilicate glass—causing the light from the LED source to almost undulate. Satin-polish brass hardware is left untreated in order to develop a natural patina. The fixture was originally designed sometime between 1927 and 1931 yet is still contemporary.

PH Septima by Poul Henningsen.