LAUNCH Debuts in April Issue of Interior Design

Inside the April issue of Interior Design, a surprise awaits. And we're not just referring to the array of stunning projects in our "Big Ideas" issue. Interior Design's latest issue, out this week, features the inaugural edition of LAUNCH™, a powerful new tool for the architecture and design community.

Simply put, LAUNCH, brought to you by the editors of Interior Design, exists to streamline the specification process for designers and architects. The platform, which marries the inspiration and curation of a magazine with the speed and efficiency of a digital platform, enables the A&D community to discover new and iconic products, and immediately take action. 

“Finally! Print and digital partner up with an exciting new interface that makes it easy-breezy to specify product,” says Editor in Chief Cindy Allen. “We are loving LAUNCH!”

With LAUNCH, designers can catch a glimpse of the newest and most iconic products and find out all they need to know, straight from the page. How exactly? Each product featured in LAUNCH contains a LAUNCH CODE, which, like a QR code, lets you easily take the next step—but the LAUNCH CODE is even more efficient. Once scanned with a smartphone camera, the LAUNCH CODE connects to an intuitive user interface—all in a single click. From there, designers can call or text a sales representative, visit a company's website or social media platforms, download a spec sheet with product details, or request a sample. It's an all around time saver for designers. 

LAUNCH debuts in Interior Design's April issue, and also will be featured in five more issues throughout 2020. To learn more, visit the LAUNCH website here.