Introducing DesignTV by SANDOW

As the design community continues to seek out innovative ways to connect and remain energized from home offices around the globe, SANDOW is adding a welcome solution to the mix—DesignTV by SANDOW. DesignTV by SANDOW, which debuts on Facebook Live Monday, March 30, will feature exclusive content from Interior Design and other SANDOW brands including Luxe Interiors + Design, Metropolis, Galerie, and ThinkLab.

“Architects, designers, and brand leaders are looking for connection and information during this difficult time and our focus, as always, is supporting the design industry,” says Adam Sandow, CEO and Founder of SANDOW. “We are introducing DesignTV by SANDOW to bring our global design community together. Our editors are fortunate to have access to the greatest innovators and thinkers in design and we are connecting them to our audiences to keep them informed as we navigate through these unprecedented times.”

Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen along with Andy Cohen and Diane Hoskins, Co-CEOs of Gensler, will kick off the inaugural week of programming—spotlighting ways the design industry is pushing forward while working remotely—with an intimate conversation: “State of the Industry,” followed by a "Creative Minds" talk between Allen and architect Rick Joy. Day one also will include a conversation led by Luxe Interiors + Design Editor in Chief Pam Jaccarino addressing innovations in the work-from-home environment with designers Peter Dunham, Denise McGaha, and Nicole Fuller, and a program hosted by Galerie Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Terrebonne.

Each day, DesignTV by SANDOW will feature up to two hours of video programming, including live broadcasts with designers and industry leaders, as well as product presentations, virtual design tours, and candid interviews hosted by the editors of Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, Metropolis, and Galerie. 

DesignTV by SANDOW also will include ThinkLab’s “WFH Digital Seminar” based on up-to-the-minute research, as well as the premiere of Interior Design’s new video series “Creative Voices,” and Metropolis’ The New Normal for Workspaces, hosted by Editor in Chief Avinash Rajagopal, which will focus on wellness, sustainability, and—as its title suggests—alternative work styles.

See below for a full programming schedule (dates, times, and programming subject to change) and follow Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, Metropolis, Galerie, and ThinkLab on Facebook to stay updated on DesignTV by SANDOW. Programming also will be syndicated across the Facebook pages and respective websites of participating SANDOW brands.

Monday, 3/30

1-1:35 pm ET: Interior Design’s State of the Industry, hosted by Cindy Allen

1:35-2 pm ET: Interior Design’s Creative Voices with Rick Joy, hosted by Cindy Allen

2-2:30 pm ET: Luxe Interiors and Design’s My WFH Space, hosted by Pam Jaccarino

2:30-3 pm ET: Galerie’s Virtual Design Tour with Steve Giannetti, hosted by Jacqueline Terrebonne

Tuesday, 3/31

1-1:30 pm ET: Luxe Interiors and Design’s Virtual Design Tour, hosted by Lisa Bingham Dewart

1:30-2 pm ET: Metropolis’ The New Normal for Workspaces, hosted by Avinash Rajagopal

2-3 pm ET: ThinkLab’s WFH Digital Seminar

Wednesday, 4/1

1-1:30 pm ET: Interior Design’s 1on1 with Yves Behar, hosted by Cindy Allen

1:30-2 pm ET: Interior Design Town Hall, hosted by Cindy Allen 

2-2:30 pm ET: An interview with Shaw Contract’s John Stephens, hosted by Cindy Allen

2:30-3 pm ET: DesignTV by SANDOW programming 

Thursday, 4/2

1-1:30 pm ET: Galerie’s Creative Minds with Fanny Singer, hosted by Jacqueline Terrebonne

1:30-2 pm ET: Metropolis’ Doubling Down on Wellness, hosted by Avinash Rajagopal

2-2:30 pm ET: Interior Design’s Creative Voices, hosted by Cindy Allen

2:30-3 pm ET: DesignTV by SANDOW programming

> Tune in to DesignTV on Interior Design's Facebook page, starting Monday, March 30