Ben Erickson and Andrew Zinicola Collaborate on a Flamboyant Table

Halo Drippp by Erickson Aesthetics.

Growing up in rural Vermont and New Jersey informed Ben Erickson’s penchant for austere minimalism. But the furniture designer discovered newfound flamboyance in a collaboration with surfboard designer Andrew Zinicola. The same pigmented epoxy resin used to glass boards is methodically dripped onto the cocktail table’s conical birch-plywood base. “Depending on the viscosity, the colors either slowly melt into each other or brightly stripe the piece,” Erickson says. After several coats of clear resin, the tip of the stack-laminated cone is sawn off, then reconnected to the base through the 52-inch-diameter glass top with a securing threaded rod. 

Halo Drippp by Erickson Aesthetics.
Halo Drippp by Erickson Aesthetics.

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