9 Divine Dividers

The textures, surfaces, and shapes of these products will have you rethinking how you divvy up space for office clients and beyond.

1. Flex divider modules in neoprene, polyester spandex, aluminum, and steel by Loftwall .

2. EchoPanel Paling dividers in recycled polyethylene terephthalate and plastic by Kirei USA .

3. Zintra acoustical panel in polyester by Baresque .

4. MixMax acoustical divider in foamed PVC and wool felt by ICF Group .

5. BuzziCactus Taco acoustical divider in wool and honeycomb cardboard by BuzziSpace .

6. 3D Acoustic Wall Facings in polyester by Seeyond .

7. Organic Blocks wall covering in molded cork by Muratto .

8. Airflake do-it-yourself modular partitions in polyester felt by Abstracta .