8 of the Most Inventive New Materials From the MCX Library

Connect with the most inventive new materials from the Material ConneXion library :

1. Material : Organic Blocks.

Manufacturer : Sustainable Materials .

Composition : Cork-based substances.

Standout : Molded from a composite of recycled materials, these faceted forms are sound-absorbing and insulating as well as antimicrobial and non-allergenic.

2. Material : Contrast Clip Georgette.

Manufacturer : AirDye .

Composition : PET plastic.

Standout : An energy-efficient method of controlling the dye penetration allows each face of a single-layer textile to take on a color different from the other.

3. Material : Nile Croc.

Manufacturer : Sonite Innovative Surfaces .

Composition : Polyester.

Standout : Providing a lower-cost alternative to crocodile leather or ceramic tile, shapes are arranged in mosaic patterns on a fabric backing.

4. Material : Shou Sugi Ban.

Manufacturer : Zwarthout .

Composition : Douglas fir, oak.

Standout : An ancient Japanese technique of burning and charring wood preserves it, making these panels resistant to rot and insects as well as a subsequent fire.

5. Material : Mixed Mosaic Eco Flooring.

Manufacturer : Deesawat Industries Co .

Composition : Hardwood, polyethylene, and aluminum.

Standout : Discarded beverage cartons and scrap metal are recycled and blended with timber to form durable panels with a duotone look.

6. Material : Perivale Welsh.

Manufacturer : Daniel Heath .

Composition : Slate.

Standout : Centuries-old shingles are salvaged from houses, coated with clear lacquer to preserve the patina, then laser-engraved.

7. Material : Bespoke.

Manufacturer : Lavada .

Composition : Polymer, glass fiber, cement, and sand.

Standout : Unlike regular cement tile, these composite versions don't crack, so three-dimensional effects are possible without compromising structural integrity.

8. Material : Honeycomb.

Manufacturer : Lenderink Technologies .

Composition : Recycled polymers.

Standout : Moisture-resistant panels can be curved or folded into nearly any shape, then embossed, perforated, printed, coated, or painted.

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