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Simply Amazing: 30 Stunning NYC Residences

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Simply amazing photography of NYC living spaces from Interior Design's September issue. Click on the images below to read the articles and see the slideshows for each project.

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SAResidentialTH15 SAResidentialTH7 SAResidentialTH30
SAResidentialTH1 SAResidentialTH22 SAResidentialTH12
SAResidentialTH2 SAResidentialTH16 SAResidentialTH3
SAResidentialTH29 SAResidentialTH4 SAResidentialTH23
SAResidentialTH11 SAResidentialTH8 SAResidentialTH19
SAResidentialTH20 SAResidentialTH13 SAResidentialTH14
SAResidentialTH17 SAResidentialTH27 SAResidentialTH26
SAResidentialTH25 SAResidentialTH5 SAResidentialTH24
SAResidentialTH6 SAResidentialTH21 SAResidentialTH9