10 International Coffee Shops

PROJECT NAME Coffee Shop Roundup
FIRM Multiple

Global cafes are buzzing with caffeine and conversation.

1. Firm: OFFICIAL Design
Project: Houndstooth Coffee
Site: Dallas, Texas
Standout: An island bar anchors the clean-lined cafe and allows for 360-degree engagement with customers, who can settle into white-oak communal tables, individual nooks, or a covered patio.

Verve Third Street in Los Angeles by Pamela Shamshiri for Commune. Photography by Spencer Lowell.

2. Firm: Commune
Project: Verve Third Street
Site: Los Angeles, California
Standout: Inspired by coastal culture, exposed plywood panels stained light-blue recall the ocean—and complement Prouvé and Aalto furnishings.

Melez Tea in Istanbul by StudyoAB. Photography by Bora Hirsova.

3. Firm: StudyoAB
Project: Melez Tea
Site: Istanbul, Turkey
Standout: The interior’s zen-like serenity nods to wabi-sabi, a look achieved by salvaged wood details and a stone table that appears broken in two.

Toby's Estate Coffee in Long Island City by Studio Vural. Photography by Kate Glicksberg.

4. Firm: Studio Vural
Project: Toby’s Estate Coffee
Site: Long Island City, New York
Standout: The site’s 40-foot-high ceilings allow wagon-wheel chandeliers to descend through exposed timber joists, illuminating a statuary marble counter and an S-curved wood banquette.

Colicci in Stratford City, United Kingdom, by Mizzi Studio. Image courtesy of the architects.

5. Firm: Mizzi Studio
Project: Colicci
Site: Stratford City, United Kingdom
Standout: A lustrous jigsaw of 542 copper fragments forms the kiosk’s sculptural canopy, beckoning visitors at the busy Westfield mall.

East One Coffee Roasters in Brooklyn by Blueberry Builders. Photography by Ethan Covey.

6. FirmBlueberry Builders
Project: East One Coffee Roasters
Site: Brooklyn, New York
Standout: This Nordic-inspired Carroll Gardens hotspot incorporates warm accents of wood, concrete, and steel, with black countertops crafted from recycled paper.

Fumi in Shanghai by Alberto Caiola. Photography by Dirk Weiblen.

7. Firm: Alberto Caiola Design & Consulting
Project: Fumi
Site: Shanghai, China
Standout: The designers visualized coffee’s aromatic vapors with a sculptural canopy that shelters a wall-mounted constellation of Moka coffee pots.

Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Photography by Matthew Millman.

8. Firm: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Project: Blue Bottle Coffee
Site: San Francisco, California
Standout: A former Kohler warehouse, the brick masonry storefront entices visitors with a network of floating wooden boxes holding coffee and serveware.

PH Coffee in Beijing by GB Space. Photography by Zou Lei.

9. Firm: GB Space
Project: PH Coffee
Site: Beijing, China
Standout: Nodding to ancient Italian architecture, a latticed metal ceiling evokes the Renaissance, while a series of archways demarcates various zones.

CUPONE in Beijing by SODA Architects. Photography by CAO Xuefeng, LIN Yang.

10. Firm: SODA Architects
Project: CUPONE
Site: Beijing, China
Standout: Taking cues from nature, the shop's peacock blue walls offset a thousand leaves of white acrylic, designed to mimic a stream.

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