6 Design-Minded Offices in the USA and China

Design talents truly excel at American and Chinese offices. 1. Firm: Float Design Studio.  Project: Casper Sleep. Site: New York. Standout: Matching the blue from the online mattress maker's popular subway ads, a stained-oak structure offers niches for quick naps ...


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A warehouse was what they wanted. What they got was a class-A tower. Regardless, they turned to their favorite design firm, Gensler. Design direct...
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Apartment towers dominate the portfolio of Archetonic, but it was a single-family house that caught the eye of the firm’s founder, Jacobo Mic...
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Global powers in media and technology get new headquarters worthy of their stature. 1. Firm: Prism Design Consulting Shanghai Co. Project: U...
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Moving to a new office near Paris has transformed how Saguez & Partners works. A flea market, the Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, is wha...
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Surfacing manufacturer Wilsonart has launched Curated Luxury, a new collection of high-performance laminates in 24 sophisticated designs. Focusing ...
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Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain. Those A-list musicians have all rocked out, some with pyrotechnics, on guitars made by one compa...

Majestic Indoor-Outdoor Retreats

Summer getaways make indoor-outdoor hospitality a breeze

1. Firm:
Campos Costa Architects

Project: Ozadi Tavira Hotel, Portugal

Location: Portugal

Standout: Capping a rehabbed 1973 hotel, suffused in the era’s earthy neutrals, a slanted roof in laminated pine also shades a deck for drinking. 


2. Firm: Carlos Morales Arquitectos

Project: Club La Santa

Location: Lanzarote, Spain

Standout: Sporty guests can train for the local triathlon in professional facilities, then relax on upholstered sectionals in rooms overlooking a saltwater lagoon.


3. Firm: Marcelo Daglio Arquitectos

Project: Bahia Vik José Ignacio

Location: Uruguay

Standout: The villas, set in a row right on the windswept beach, receive a lick of local color from original oils on canvas and mixed-media murals.


4. Firm: Creus and Carrasco Architects

Project: Bela Muxía 

Location: Spain

Standout: Modern-day pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela might stop at this hostel, where lacy lattice parapets contrast with an otherwise ascetic aesthetic.


5. Firm: Steve Hermann Design

Project: L’Horizon Resort and Spa

Location: Palm Springs, California

Standout: Mid-century bungalows by William Francis Cody are finessed with patterned textiles and accents in Douglas fir, oak, walnut, brass, copper, and marble. 


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Forget about watching Entourage. Forget every stereotype pertaining to talent agencies. Those clichés are precisely what Hastings Architecture Associates managed to put aside for the Nashville office of WME. > ...

Astek's Graphic Wall Covering Defines 8 Hospitality Projects

Hospitality projects of all sizes are brimming with bold graphics courtesy of technological advances in digital printing. Astek Wallcoverings, which uses UV digital printers and zero-VOC UV cured inks, creates large-scale graphics from initial design to final print. This 360-degree approach has cemented ...