Daily Must-Reads

Thursday, April 27th

01 Cozy Cabin

Japanese lifestyle brand Muji plans to sell tiny timber prefab huts later this year. »


Brick by Brick

Watch time-lapse footage of the world's first robotic bricklayer building a miniature house. »

Wednesday, April 26th

01 Facial Expression

A Dutch firm festooned a building with 22 Emoji, cementing them as modern-day gargoyles. »


Desk Job

NYC’s newest gallery asked 100 creatives to rethink the paperweight, with whimsical results. »

Tuesday, April 25th

01 Retail Paradigm

For the first time in 15 years, Apple stores will undergo a dramatic redesign. »

Monday, April 24th

01 Icelandic Cool

Björk’s summer house inspired a London studio’s new sofa, tapestry, and rug collection. »


In Memoriam

Renowned Polish sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz has passed away at 86. »

Sunday, April 23rd

01 Portrait of I.M. Pei

On the eve of his 100th birthday, revisit the iconic architect’s career-defining structures. »


Road to Recovery

The key to designing buildings that heal? Emotional sustainability. »

Saturday, April 22nd

01 New Beginnings

A Syrian architect predicts how design can help uplift a country ravaged by war. »


Shopping Spree

Despite shifts toward tech, bricks-and-mortar retail won’t disappear anytime soon. »

Friday, April 21st

01 Eagle Eye

An ornithologist proves that designing bird-friendly glass buildings is easier than it looks. »


Cultural Crossroads

Times Square’s long-anticipated transformation into a pedestrian plaza by Snøhetta has officially opened. »

Thursday, April 20th

01 Urban Ecology

Renowned architect Jeanne Gang shares her true occupation. Hint: it’s not architecture. »


Historic Precedent

Vastu shastra, the 8,000-year-old Indian architectural practice, is getting its due. »

Wednesday, April 19th

01 Child's Play

Browse 18 spaces designed to inspire the future Fosters, Hadids, and Le Corbusiers. »



An agoraphobic artist combs through Google Maps to travel the world’s far-flung destinations. »