Daily Must-Reads

Friday, February 24th

01 Mid-Century Marvel

Miller House, one of Saarinen’s few single-family residences, remains a key example of mid-century modern design. »


Dynamic Duo

Duvall Decker Architects, a husband-wife team in Mississippi, have redefined the ambit of a small architectural practice. »


Washington’s Monuments

To cement its architectural cachet, the capital could take cues from Chicago. »

Thursday, February 23rd

01 Lisa Frank Lloyd Wright

The stationery brand’s garish makeover of Fallingwater is an unexpected boon for architecture. »


Under the Sea

An aluminum coral-like structure has taken shape in Orlando’s convention center. »

Wednesday, February 22nd

01 World Traveler

A new exhibit chronicles David Adjaye’s insights from a decade of travel across Africa. »


Suite Sorrow

New York’s grand hotels, far past their heyday, have slowly transformed into condos. »

Tuesday, February 21st

01 Time Warp

Explore the treasure trove of eclectic Soviet architecture that still stands strong in Belarus. »


Five Fields

A high-design play structure reflects the ethos of its surroundings—a mid-century modern neighborhood with a building by Gropius. »

Monday, February 20th

01 Self-Made

Ten homes designed by architects for architects are veritable showcases of their talents. »


Mile-High Club

Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Mile High Illinois would have been twice as tall as the Burj Khalifa. »

Sunday, February 19th

01 New Urbanism

The suburban shopping mall, Victor Gruen's brainchild, has experienced a rapid fall from grace. »


Fine Tooth

Dread the dentist office? These design-minded spaces are anything but scary. »

Saturday, February 18th

01 Inconvenient Truth

As climate denial reaches the highest levels of government, cities must find new ways to stay resilient. »

Friday, February 17th

01 Group Effort

Some of the world’s top architects joined forces to design rooms in a Peter Zumthor hotel. »