This marks the first time Interior Design is devoting a special section to the work of up-and-comers. We highlight the work of international, interdisciplinary studios—40 of them, in fact—by designers around that same age (plus or minus a few years). The point was not so much to give ourselves a tidy cutoff as to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit inherent to the profession—a go-for-it attitude reflected in their work.
He Xiao-Ping, 35; Li Xing-Lin, 34
Firm: C.DD
Location: Foshan Municipality,, China

He Xiao-Ping and Li Xing-Lin co-founded C.DD, based in Guangdong, China.

Han Wenqiang, 39
Firm: Archstudio
Location: Beijing, China

Han Wenqiang is the founder of Archstudio, established in Beijing in 2010.

Theresia Svanholm, 37; Monika Holmqvist, 38
Firm: Coco Form Studio
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Conceptual interior and event design, using loads of creativity.

Nic Lee, 45
Firm: Waterfrom Design
Location: Shanghai, China

Nic Lee is the design director of Waterfrom Design, founded in 2008.

Anna Porebska, 36; Adam Zwierzynski, 36
Location: Katowice, Poland

Anna Porebska and Adam Zwierzynski are the founders of Polish firm MUS ARCHITECTS.

Vera Odyn, 33; Olga Treivas, 34
Firm: Form Bureau
Location: Moscow, Russia

Vera Odyn and Olga Treivas are the founders of Moscow-based architecture and interior design firm Form Bureau.

Denisa Strmiskova, 32
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Denisa Strmiskova founded her eponymous Prague design studio in 2015.

Noa Haim, 42
Firm: Collective Paper Aesthetics
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Noa Haim is the creative director of Collective Paper Aesthetics, a Rotterdam-based design initiative.

Alex Gilliam, 43
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Alex Gilliam founded Public Workshop, a Philadelphia organization redefining how communities participate in design.

J. Byron-H, 30
Firm: J. Byron-H
Location: Los Angeles, CA

J. Byron-H is an architect-designer based in Los Angeles.

Sarah Carpenter, 35; Chris Horger, 36
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Carpenter and Chris Horger are the husband-wife team behind Brooklyn-based interior design firm Carpenter & Mason.

Lambert Rainville, 31; Nicolas Sangaré, 31
Location: Montreal, Canada

Lambert Rainville and Nicholas Sangaré founded their eponymous Montreal-based office in 2015. 

Gregory Melitonov, 36; Ines Guzman, 34
Firm: Taller Ken
Location: New York, NY

Taller Ken, founded in 2013 by Gregory Melitonov and Ines Guzman, is a New York and Guatemala based architecture practice focused on playful design with social and cultural relevancy.

David Freeland, 40; Brennan Buck, 42
Location: Los Angeles, CA

David Freeland and Brennan Buck founded their namesake Los Angeles–based architecture firm in 2010.

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, 35; Christophe Penasse, 34
Firm: Masquespacio
Location: Valencia, Spain

Ana Milena Hernández is the founder and creative director of Masquespacio. She is passionate about design and everything that has to do with it. For her design is much more than an employment, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes her to take care of every detail in her projects, looking for the optimal solution for every client, without losing the focus on distinguishing their brands from their competitors with fresh and innovative concepts.

Christophe Penasse is co-founder and actually marketing director of Masquespacio. As a marketeer he loves creating new concepts for his clients, giving greater importance to the design and identity of each brand. He likes everything to do with marketing, besides being a passionate of design. At present, in addition to his job in Masquespacio, he is working as a chief editor for Blog del Diseño, a media specialized in design founded by Masquespacio.

Ramdane Touhami, 43; Victoire de Taillac-Touhami, 42
Firm: Ramdane
Location: Morocco, Morocco

Ramdane and Victoire Touhami founded Morocco-based firm Ramdane.

Stefan Rier, 38; Lukas Rungger, 40
Firm: NOA– Network of Architecture
Location: Bolzano, Italy

Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger founded NOA–Network of Architecture in Bolzano, Italy.

Nelson Chow, 40
Firm: NC Design & Architecture
Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Nelson Chow is the founder of NC Design & Architecture (NCDA), a Hong Kong–based architectural design firm.

Christina Luk, 41
Location: Shanghai, China

Christina Luk founded Shanghai-based architecture and interiors firm LUKSTUDIO.

Stamos Hondrodimos, 32
Firm: Interior Design Laboratorium
Location: Athens, Greece

Stamos Hondrodimos established Athens-based firm Interior Design Laboratorium in 2009.

Corvin Matei, 45
Location: New York, NY

Corvin Matei established his namesake NYC-based architecture firm in 2007.

Anna Loskiewicz-Zakrewska, 37; Zofia Strumillo-Sukiennik, 37
Firm: Beza Projekt
Location: Warsaw, Poland

Anna Loskiewicz-Zakrewska and Zofia Strumillo-Sukiennik founded Beza Projekt, a design studio based in Warsaw.

Stelios Kois, 39
Firm: Kois Associates Architects
Location: Athens, Greece

Stelios Kois is the founder of Athens-based Kois Associates Architects.

Sarah Kuchar, 35
Firm: Sarah Kuchar Studio
Location: Chicago, IL

Sarah Kuchar is the founder of Chicago-based design firm Sarah Kuchar Studio.

Margaret Sullivan, 45
Firm: Margaret Sullivan Studio
Location: New York, NY

Margaret Sullivan is the designer behind Margaret Sullivan Studio in New York.

Lauren Geremia, 35
Firm: Geremia Design
Location: San Francisco, CA

Lauren Geremia is the founder and principal designer of Geremia Design.

Till Robin Kurz, 44
Location: Cologne, Germany

Till Robin Kurz is a designer and architect based in Germany.

Keigo Julian Fukugaki, 32
Firm: BnA
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Keigo Julian Fukugaki is a designer and architect from Los Angeles.

Dan Brunn, 39
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Dan Brunn founded his namesake Los Angeles–based design firm in 2005.

Sally Breer, 29; Jake Harrison, 36
Firm: ETC.etera
Location: Los Angeles, CA

ETCETERA (etc for short) is the design union of Sally Breer (co-mingle) and Jake Rodehuth-Harrison (studioJAKE).

Jason St. John, 45; Barbara Rourke, 39
Firm: Bells + Whistles
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bells + Whistles is a Los Angeles–based design studio founded by Jason St. John and Barbara Rourke.

Nina Etnier, 32; Brad Sherman, 32
Firm: Float Studio
Location: New York, NY

Nina Etnier and Brad Sherman founded NYC-based commercial interiors firm Float Studio.

Dieter Cartwright, 39; Larah Moravek, 40; William Oberlin, 43
Firm: Dutch East Design + Warren Red
Location: New York, NY

Dutch East Design + Warren Red is a New York–based design firm that specializes in hospitality interiors and branding. 

Edoardo Tresoldi, 29
Location: Milan, Italy

Edoardo Tresoldi is an Italian set designer, sculptor, and artist, known internationally for his monumental sculptures made of wire mesh.

Dan Mazzarini, 37
Firm: BHDM
Location: New York, NY

Dan Mazzarini is a partner at Manhattan-based design studio BHDM.

Alexander Fehre, 35
Firm: Studio Alexander Fehre
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Alexander Fehre is a founding member and managing director of Studio Alexander Fehre in Germany.

Javier Robles, 45
Firm: Utopus
Location: New York, NY

Javier Robles founded Utopus, an architecture and interior practice based in London, New York, and Peru.

Thomas Dariel, 35
Firm: Dariel Studio
Location: Shanghai, China

Thomas Dariel is the founder and creative mind behind Dariel Studio in Shanghai.