Fiona Bennett

Berlin, Germany

Fiona Bennett, born 1966 in Brighton/England, is not only the most successful but also the most extraordinary milliner in Germany and beyond german borders . Her hats adorned the cover of Vogue, all the major fashion magazines refine their photo shoots with her creations. Celebrities worldwide contribute Fiona Bennett models, exclusive department stores around the globe carry her second line "Kiss by Fiona Bennett ". But what are the facts, figures and statistics when you can tell a story.

As Fiona Bennett made their education to milliner, Berlin was divided by a wall. She has spent most of her life there, a child of this strange island West Berlin, a place like no other at that time. The Berlin Wall fell, it opened unknown not expected rooms, it was a new city, conquer the creative as always front of it. Fiona Bennett moved into an old soap factory in the former east district „Mitte“ and there she created her own cosmos. Hats, which were always more than decor, wearable art pieces which are like the beginning of a story, make the moods and the world a little more beautiful. Her studio was in a dusty backyard, it should not be a hiding place, it was a melting pott of artists and many wild ideas. Vivienne Westwood was there, she took the designer as a lecturer at the University of Arts.