Water, Water, Everywhere: Sleek Tubs, Sinks, and Showerheads

water,water,everywhere 1. Aqua-Sense showerhead in polished stainless steel with LEDs by Graff .

water,water,everywhere 2. Reflex Aztec sink in tempered glass by Xylem .

water,water,everywhere 3. Touch sinks in EcoMortar composite, chrome-plated brass, fir, and hickory by Milldue Arredi .

water,water,everywhere 4. Vasca tub in mineral composite by Ceramica Globo .

water,water,everywhere 5. Energy whirlpool tub in acrylic by Jacuzzi .

water,water,everywhere 6. Blu-Stone freestanding tub in quartzite composite by Blu Bathworks .

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