Go With the Grain: Wood-Grain Lighting Fixtures

go with the grain 1. Honey pendant fixture in recycled paper and beech painted red by Pension für Produkte .

go with the grain 2. Tilta floor lamps in maple veneer, concrete, aluminum, and glass by Scoope Design .

go with the grain 3. Woody pendant fixtures in polycarbonate in purple, orange, blue, and white by Slamp .

go with the grain 4. Piantama floor lamps in solid cedar and iron painted black by Mogg.

go with the grain 5. Easy table lamp in wood and a composite of marble powder and resin by Bonaguro Giorgio .

go with the grain 6. Elagone LED lamp in solid oak by Drugeot Labo .

go with the grain 7. Constantin chandelier in brushed brass and bamboo veneer by Andrea Claire Studio .

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