Fade Out: Flooring With Gradient Effects

fade out 1. Ripples rug in wool and silk by Tania Johnson Design .
Fade Out 2. Chambord rug in wool and bamboo silk in beige and medium blue by Jaipur .
fade out 3. Dip Dye carpet tile in nylon in Black Tea by the Shaw Contract Group .
fade out 4. Meadow rug in a wool-silk blend in Oatmeal by Tufenkian Artisan Carpets .
fade out 5. Esquire Evolution rug in wool by Top Floor .
fade out 6. Erased Heritage’s Agra Westend Rocked rug in wool and silk by Jan Kath Design .
fade out 7. Urban Retreat carpet tile in nylon in Bark-Moss by InterfaceFlor.
fade out 8. Fumed Oak flooring in engineered wood in AztecSilver by Terra Lengo .

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