Spice It Up: Bright Colored Office Furnishings

Spice It Up Ziva sofa in dye-cast zinc in matte chrome and Maharam’s Divina Mélange 521 and Chambray 138 by Jofco, 800-235-6326; jofco.com .

Spice It Up Modern Solutions upholstery by Designtex, 800-221-1540;
designtex.com .

Spice It Up Hub modular seating in plywood and laminate by KI, 800-424-2432; ki.com .

Spice It Up New Brandy armchairs in steel by Andreu World, 800-632-5272; andreuworldamerica.com .

Spice It Up Molto 1 cotton-polyester blend by the Momentum Group, 800-366-6839; memosamples.com .

Spice It Up Silent Wall freestanding divider by Vitra, 212-463-5700; vitra.com .

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