Blurring the Lines: New Rugs and Carpets

Tsar CarpetsTH 1. Porcelain rug hand-tufted in wool and bamboo silk by Tsar Carpets .

Stile BKth 2. Emoticon rug hand-knotted in a wool-silk blend by Stile BK .

Helen Yardleyth 3. Boulder rug hand-tufted in wool and linen in Pawpaw by Helen Yardley .

ShivhonTH 4. Gold Coast rug hand-knotted in wool and hemp by Shivhon .


DNA Design LabTH 5. Oneness rug hand-tufted in wool by DNA Design Lab .

BrintonsTH 6. 1/S3631CA rug hand-tufted in wool and nylon by Brintons .

Tai PingTH 7. Design Collective's LX03826r2 broadloom in wool and nylon by 1956 by Tai Ping, a division of Tai Ping .

Nora SystemsTH 8. Satura floor covering in rubber in Callisto, Vulpecula, and Monoceros by Nora Systems .

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