NeoCon Preview: Miscellaneous

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BuzziShade 1. BuzziShade, an acoustical shade developed by BuzziSpace in concert with the furniture designers at Stal Collectief , helps shield private conversations or simply establishes a quiet spot.

Wing coat rack

2. Wing, a coatrack in wall-mounted form only, has three slender walnut arms that pivot by Arper.

Pillows by Arper

3. Similarly organic are the five pillow designs: Owl, Leaf, Lines, Pleats, and Gego—their 20-inch-square patterns printed or stitched on Remix, a wool-nylon by Kvadrat .

Song Coatrack 4. With arms shaped like musical notes, the Song coatrack is cast in steel and aluminum by Arper.

Recessed Ceiling Cloud

5. Control the weather, at least inside, with the Recessed Ceiling Cloud by Seeyond Architectural Solutions .

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