NeoCon Preview: Flooring

Braided Kvadrat Rug 1. Braided rug in Kvadrat wool in Depot by Atelier Gary Lee .

Western Edge Carpet Tiles 2. Western Edge carpet tiles in Antron ’s solution-dyed nylon in Lizard Lounge, Aqua Caliente, and Cargo Culture by Bentley .


3. Virtue porcelain tile in Unpolished by Crossville .

ColorFields 4. ColorFields rubber flooring in Vine Charcoal, Cattail, and Sandbox by Mannington Commercial .

Duo and Trio

5. Duo and Trio modular recycled-nylon carpet tiles in Sage and Mustard/Sage by InterfaceFlor .


6. Revue modular nylon carpet tile in Stella by J+J Industries .

Screentone Stripe 7. Screentone Stripe carpet by Tandus Flooring .

Wood Porcelain TileTH

8. Wood porcelain tile in brown by Imola Ceramica .

Hexagon by Shaw 9. Eschewing the typical square or rectangle,Hexagon offers multiple connection points, just like the modern-day workplace by Shaw .

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