On the Move: Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades Series

Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades series challenges 11 A-list firms to discover the art of travel by conceiving 16 mobile-minded furnishings and accessories, all in limited editions.

rolled leather hammock Patrick Reyond, Armand Louis, Aurel Aebi

1. Designer: Atelier Oï

Product: Hammock

Standout: Partners Armand Louis, Patrick Reymond, and Aurel Aebi’s hanging bed is woven from leather and reinforced with gilded rivets — and rolls up into a slender cylinder.

Thierry Gaugain O Handbag

2. Designer:
Thierry Gaugain

Product: O Handbag

Standout: An aluminum ring fitted with OLEDs dangles from braided leather, which can attach to—and illuminate the dark recesses of—any purse or tote.

Bell Barber Osgerby Barber Osgerby

3. Designer: Barber Osgerby

Product: Bell

Standout: Classic meets contemporary in Jay Osgerby and Edward Barber’s lantern encasing a solar-powered LED in a leather-bound Murano glass diffuser.

Clino Castelli Love seat

4. Designer: Clino Castelli

Product: Love

Standout: Six layers of pressed sculpted leather joined with a puzzle hinge form a slightly inclined, and collapsible, seat—close contact is practically unavoidable.

Col de Voyage Constance Guisset

5. Designer: Constance Guisset

Product: Col de Voyage

Standout: Practically worthy of being a fashion accessory, this neck pillow’s tiered cushions are covered in cotton in a palette of sophisticated neutrals.

Christian Liaigre Travel

6. Designer: Christian Liaigre

Product: Travel

Standout: A leather handle and straps and a folding top and legs make the maple-framed desk, measuring 22 by 29 by 35 inches when open, portable.

Swing Patricia Urquiola

7. Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Product: Swing

Standout: Gold-plated hooks and PVC-polyester fasteners attach to a steel support bar at one end, and to woven polyester mesh cradling leather-upholstered cushions at the other.

Maareten Bas Beach

8. Designer: Maarten Baas

Product: Beach

Standout: A resin-covered clay frame supports the cotton-strap seat and back; when closed, the chair resembles a square attaché case, complete with leather handles.