Stacked for Success: The Latest Geometric Rugs and Carpets

stacked for success

Inigo Elizalde Rugs
1. Pila rug in wool and recycled metallic polyester in Natural Gold by Inigo Elizalde Rugs .

Market Flooring 2. Amtico’s Cirrus tile in vinyl in Twilight, Dawn, and Air by Mannington Commercial­ .

Market Flooring 3. Stacks 2.0 carpet tile in nylon by Milliken & Company .

Market Flooring 4. Embark, Fringe, and Wander carpet tile in nylon by Shaw .

Market Flooring 5. Manoir porcelain tile in Belle Meade and Carnton by Crossville .

Market Flooring 6. Recode broadloom in solution-dyed nylon in Lithium by Tandus Flooring .

Market Flooring 7. Driftwood porcelain tile in light grey by Cancos Tile & Stone .

Market Flooring 8. Mesh rug in mohair in silver and Mushroom Grey by Rosemary Hallgarten .

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