Splotch Test: A Roundup of the Latest Patterned Rugs

open to your interpretation

Interior Design 's roundup of nine rugs with patterns open to your interpretation. . .

Stephanie Odegard Collection 1. Somoroff VI hand-spun rug in Himalayan wool in Llama by Stephanie Odegard Collection .

Doris Leslie Blau 2. Custom hand-tufted rug in bamboo silk by Doris Leslie Blau .

Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs 3. Splash Supreme 3 rug in wool and silk in All Natural by Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs.

Amy Helfand 4. This Moment hand-knotted rug in Tibetan wool and Chinese silk by Amy Helfand .

BravinLee Programs 5. Christopher Wool’s New Linen 8 hand-knotted rug in silk by BravinLee Programs .

Modern Nature Design 6. Canopy 1 hand-knotted rug in wool and silk by Modern Nature Design .

Organic Looms 7. River Basin hand-knotted rug in silk by Organic Looms.

Splotch Test

8. Bloom rug in Dune, Synergy rug in Fire, and Desire rug in Iolite, all in silk and hemp by Jamie Stern .

Foreign Accents­. 9. Boardwalk hand-tufted rug in wool-cotton blend in?BWS4635 by Foreign Accents­.