Fast Take with Javier Marset

While in Barcelona, Spain , Interior Design caught up with Javier Marset of Marset Illuminación S.A., a family-owned business started in the 1940s. Today, Marset distributes globally and boasts an international team of lighting designers, many of whom are well-known artists in their own right.  Here, we talk briefly with Javier Marset about his company, the industry and the importance of sustainability.

Interior Design : What is the biggest challenge facing your company today?

Javier Marset : To achieve a strong international presence and make the A&D community get to know the quality products we offer.

ID : Where do you see the area of biggest growth for your company in terms of product category?

JM: Our decorative collection and the new product development techniques for the architectural collection, based on a revolutionary application of the LED technology.

ID : What is the next major innovation you see in the lighting category?

JM: The development of LED technology at all levels… something that it is already happening.

ID : What is driving this innovation?

JM: Our commitment to build a better and more sustainable world for the coming generations.

ID : How important are Green initiatives in the market?

JM: They are very important, but I’m afraid that sometimes it’s more a marketing strategy than a real and sincere compromise. We need to rethink how and why we consume.

ID : How important is Green for your company?

JM: We want people to know that when buying our products, they are buying quality products that will accompany them all their lives. That’s what is really sustainable:  fewer and better products, with an extraordinary durability, both for the functionality of the product itself, and for its design.

ID : What changes do you see in the industry over the next decade?

JM: If I’m asking the consumer to be responsible in regards to his consuming habits, then the industry needs to think and define him as a producer. Not everything counts.

ID : What do you think will be the biggest shift?

JM: Just that: To rethink the existence of a given product and try to be more rigorous in that sense.